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RJ UpDown Scroller Module Joomla 2.5-3
RJ UpDown Scroller Module adds a sticky pop-up button on your joomla site that scrolls pages to top and bottom. It is good to have a scroll to top button but it's still better to have the one that scrolls pages both ways - up and down. That saves some mousewheel's working life, doesn't it?

You can see the RJ UpDown Scroller Module button working throughout this site - arrows to the right →.


To give your users even smoother experience RJ UpDown Module provides smooth scrolling to any anchors that start with rj. Thus if you mount a link like <a href="#rjwhatsoever">Link Text</a> or <a href="#rj_whatsoever">Link Text</a> and your anchor is <a name="rjwhatsoever"> </a> or <a id="rj_whatsoever"> </a> then click on that link will trigger smooth scrolling to the anchor (provided the Module is on). Check it right here!

The paid version has these settings and options:

  • you can set the button position to any corner
  • you can further customize the position by setting margins to any amount - in pixels or percents
  • you can define the timeout after which the button will pop up
  • you can input a higher z-index in case some other elements overlay the button
  • you can change the scrolling speed
  • you can insert your own text shown on hover
  • you can choose whether to show the button on small screens (with max-width of 480px) or not

RJ Updown Scroller See screenshot of the module backend.


RJ UpDown Scroller Module is Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x compatible and works in all major modern browsers.


  1. Download and install the RJ UpDown Scroller Module.
  2. Customize its position and behaviour.
  3. Publish the module to any existing position (debug recommended).
  4. Enjoy!


RJ UpDown Scroller Module is released under The GPL License.


To buy the paid version of RJ UpDown Scroller Module go to store.

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